The FoodService Select Advantage

FoodService Select covers the major food service areas from equipment manufacturers (domestic, commercial and industrial), equipment suppliers, food products, consulting services, finance solutions, industry resources and events all under a single site. Read our story to gain a better insight into FoodService Select.

We offer an enterprise business platform for new and existing businesses to display their company profile professionally. Focused towards adding value through collaboration and our innovation we believe our service to be a worthy investment to all businesses that list. We are a start-up company for an industry hungry for change, list and grow with us.

The Food Industry Hub

We have developed a “hub” focused towards the food service industry covering all the main categories from foodservice equipment and suppliers, food products, foodservice consultancy, finance, events and resources from across the world. We believe more choices offer better decisions and outcomes.

A Value Added Service

FoodService Select is a value added service for all companies to showcase their products and services professionally incorporated into a simply to use site professionally design using the latest standards. With a focus towards bridging the gap and providing greater business exposure to all businesses.

An Innovative Company

FoodService Select has been designed for the food service industry by real people involved in the food service industry - read about our CEO. With this passion, insight, knowledge and understanding FoodService Select is designed for now and the future with many more features to come soon. Grow your online presence with us.

Enterprise Platform

FoodService Select is built from the ground up to grow with our customers. We have developed an enterprise business platform to offer greater exposure and awareness for businesses. FoodService Select is a great way for the new and established companies to market their product range and service offering.

Collaborative Partnership

FoodService Select is focused towards creating relationships and connecting people with companies. By listing your business we are better connecting an ever increasing industry from all over the world. In your listing there is a section that covers industry partners where you can add people and shown your industry connections.

Searching Made Easier

We know time is important and realise making the best decision is equally important. FoodService Select efforts are to make the search process easier and quicker to allow users time to be spent on learning and discovering more about companies, products and services rather than searching the internet.

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Main Areas We Cover

Food Service Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers

We cover over 30 food equipment categories. Many main categories have sub categories to narrow down on the products you offer, allowing people to find your products and your business quicker.

Food Products

Covering over main 20 categories of food products, there is also the option to include your products as food diets (ie. gluten free, organic and vegan) and under religious dietary law (ie. halal and kosher).

Food Industry Consultancy

Do you offer food service consultancy? You can list your skills and type of consultancy you offer to people looking for specialty consultants for their new business venture and current projects.

Food Industry Events

Do you have a food industry event and want to tap into people through another way? We cover tradeshows, exhibitions, exhibitions, food festivals, cook-offs, food shows through to conventions, conferences, summits, forums and more.

Food Industry Resources

Resources covers government bodies, authorities, codes and regulations, associations, foodservice institutes and industry institutes. Looking to import, export products or for compliance and certifications? Start here at FoodService Select.

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