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Foodservice Industry Association of NSW Inc

Founded in 1985 as a not for profit organisation to manage food industry exhibitions across NSW for the catering and hospitality sectors.

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International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA)

IDDBA is focused in the dairy, deli and bakery sectors providing education, research, training, networking and business opportunities.

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Specialty Food Association

Not-for-profit trade association supporting specialty food members with tools, knowledge and connections to support the growing specialty food marketplace.

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A peak representative body for Queensland horticulture that works for the long term growth and profitability of horticultural farms and the industry.

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Australian Native Food & Botanicals (ANFAB)

ANFAB is a peak national body representing all interests in the Australian native food and botanical industry for traditional and new indigenous plant products.

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The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST)

AIFST is an independent organisation promoting Australia as a sustainable world leading food industry by representing thousands of food industry professionals.

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LiveCorp is an industry body promoting the Australian livestock to overseas markets, and further offers livestock export industry services to exporters.

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Australian Grape Wine Incorporated

Australian Grape & Wine is a national association providing strategy, leadership, advocacy and support to Australian winegrape and wine producers.

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Australian Blueberry Growers' Association (ABGA)

The association is focused to ensure the Australian blueberry industry produces quality fruit as well as being profitable and environmentally sustainable.

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Pulse Australia

A peak industry body representing, developing and marketing all areas of the pulse industry nationally and internationally to expand the pulse industry.

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