Resources covers Government Bodies, Authorities, Codes and Regulations, Associations, Food Service Institutes and Industry Institutes for the food service industry. Our goal is to make finding the necessary organisations easy to assist your business and goals. 

Resources for the Food Service Industry

Whether importing goods, finding an authority, after assistance and guidance, certifications, compliance, approving a product or exporting our goal is to help make the search process easier. Below outlines the relevant resources further.

Government Bodies

Select from a range of government bodies setup to help get you started in the right direction by offering information about standards in health and safety, the construction of food premises to the regulation and standards of food importing and exporting.

Authorities - Codes and Regulations

All food service operations need to adhere to the countries specific requirements, find the appropriate authorities, codes and regulations to start out on the right foot. Health and safety is key and by following the guidelines will help the ensure a benchmark to follow.


Associations are groups set-out to achieve collaborative thoughts, act for their sector (ie. fish, beef and dairy industries) and provide accredited certifications approved by the government.

Food Service Institutes and Industry Institutes

Institutes are generally government funded with a dedication to education and training, applied research, technical assistance and focus on continued improvement. Institutes conduct a range of point-of-contact through conference sessions, seminars, webinars and other media from newsletters, fact sheets, and videos that focus on current and developing issues. Additionally institutes offer help desk services to connect you to the right people to answer the right questions. Their  research has been used for government agencies to set standards from designing programs, education and training to the provision of materials.

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Australian Blueberry Growers' Association (ABGA)

The association is focused to ensure the Australian blueberry industry produces quality fruit as well as being profitable and environmentally sustainable.

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Pulse Australia

A peak industry body representing, developing and marketing all areas of the pulse industry nationally and internationally to expand the pulse industry.

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Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA)

DIAA acts to provide people working in the dairy industry a setting to communication, education, growth, recognition and fellowship for its members.

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National Farmers' Federation (NFF)

The National Farmers' Federation is a peak national body and a respected advocacy organisation representing Australian farmers as well in general agriculture.

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Avocados Australia Limited

Member based representative industry body for the Australian avocado industry comprising avocado growers, associated businesses and industry people.

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Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC)

Australian peak body and leading voice for retailers, processors & smallgoods manufacturers focused towards profitability and sustainability.

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Cherry Growers Association of South Australia

Representing South Australian cherry growers the association works to promote growers to provide greater awareness, sustainability and profitability.

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The Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA)

A peak body association representing Australian packaging and processing machinery, and allied components companies to promote to all food sectors.

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Australian Pork Limited (APL)

A producer owned organisation that promotes and supports the Australian pork industry to enhance viability, opportunities, profitability and sustainability.

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Vegetable and potato growers Australian peak body driving innovation, advocacy, providing networking opportunities and more backed by industry experience.

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