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The Starter plan is completely free. No payment or credit cards are required.

Starter (FREE)

The Starter plan is 100% free and offers great features to promote your business. Also allows people to discover more about your services and products.
Social Media
Catalog & Price Guide
3 x Brands allowed per listing
Listings can have additional brands.

Category Ranking (Placements)

Categories are those listed within the main directories. Within categories, subscriptions (listings) are tiered down from Professional (coming soon), Premium (coming soon), Premium Light to Starter. The order in which your listing is placed works on a first come first serve basis. For example if you are the first person to sign-up under a certain category under the Premium Light plan you will come up as number one under that category for the Premium Light plan. Visit Category Ranking in the Help Centre for further information.


Starter listings are limited to a maximum of three (3) categories. Premium Light, Premium and Professional listings are not limited.

  • Food Service Manufacturers & Equipment Suppliers span over 30 categories with over 150 subcategories
  • Food Products has over 20 categories.
  • Events, Consultants, Finance and Resources have multiple categories.

Multiple Subscriptions (Listings) and Brands

Subscriptions also have the option to have multiple subscriptions (listings) under a single account, as well you can add brands related to the listing. By adding additional subscriptions (listings) the relationship between then will show in your pages. Each listing will have its own subscription to best suit each businesses goals. 

Mini Listing

The mini listing is displayed under the specific category. In you console you will be able to customise the displayed content. The position of your mini listing will be affected by the plan you choose and when you listing has been created, refer to Category Ranking mentioned above.

Business Features

We offer over 10 features where you can add further information relating to your business. Only the areas added with content will be displayed. Areas covered depends on the plan you choose, and can consist of About, Social Media, Contact, Services and Catalog & Price Guides. Visit Business Features for a description about each of the features.

Social Media 

Links to your social media accounts can be added. If you have more than one of the same (ie. two (2) LinkedIn accounts, we allow for multiple entries which can be identified by entering a unique name.

Featured Businesses

Featured Businesses are other businesses showcased in a listing. Featured Businesses is located in the right hand column.