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FoodService Select is focused towards the main areas of the foodservice industry. We stand out as we cover all the main types of sectors for new and existing foodservice people to contact and connect with. With over 7 billion people, a growing interest in products and an ever evolving world FoodService Select puts the “where do we start” with combining the major key areas that professionals and newcomers will require.

A Value Added Service through Collaboration and Innovation to Support your Business

FoodService Select is aimed at chefs, restaurateurs, function centres, hotels and even the home chef, everyone with an interest towards finding new and existing products. From food equipment, food, equipment suppliers to events we cover everything for and about the foodservice industry.

Listing Overview

The New Hub For The Food Industry

With a variety of food sites we have developed the first all en-compassing food service hub. We offer new, existing and specialist companies a better way to showcase their businesses, products and services with a growing audience of customers hungry for more choice.

Launching a new business, list your business with us!

If you have an existing business and are looking for new suppliers, brands and more choices this is the hub for you. It’s the easier way to search and access a wider variety of foodservice companies, products and services than ever before.

FoodService Select is aimed at people through to the commercial and industrial sectors to help better connect the food service industry world. Helping you to find more information on an industry that spans the globe that at times is time consuming to find a range of products and services you are after, let alone having many to choose.

Major Industries Include (not limited to):

  • Chefs, Bakers, Restaurateurs & Home Foodies
  • Foodservice Consultants
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Restaurants – low end to fine dining
  • Cafés
  • Corporate Commercial Kitchens
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Clubs – small to large
  • Fast Food/QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants)
  • Caterers – sole operators and commercial caterers
  • Function Centres
  • Production Centres
  • Abattoirs
  • Nursing homes & Hospitals – public and private
  • Schools & Tertiary institutions
  • Private & Remote Workplace Canteens
  • Government Food Facilities.
  • Authorities, Regulatory Bodies and Government

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  • We add value to your business and your online presence through collaboration and through an innovative platform designed for the food service industry.
  • We are passionate about what we do and by connecting people through a collaborative effort we believe that more choices do lead to better decisions.
  • We act as your online dedicated site (tradeshow) for the foodservice industry.
  • The first all-encompassing site covering equipment, food, finance, consultants, resources and events.
  • 24/7 exposure for your business on an enterprise built platform
  • Find products and services locally, nationally and internationally
  • Responsive design ready for customers using smartphones, tablets and computers all from a single site.
  • 4 Plans Types (offered now and in the future) to suit all businesses.

The global foodservice equipment industry is estimated to be a $30 billion market with around 10,000 food equipment companies. The United States foodservice equipment share is estimated over $6 billion.

Many factors attribute to foodservice equipment sales. Some factors include the requirement for more efficient equipment which is general attributed to newer equipment and in turn can reduce energy usage to further reduce on operating costs, the replacing of equipment and the end of its lifespan, general upgrading of equipment (ie. renovations/re-openings) and especially the growth of new food outlets and restaurants.

The global food and beverage industry is a multi-trillion dollar market with products ranging from fresh, packaged and frozen from all around the world. From oil, spices, pasta red meat, seafood, candies, chocolates, vegetables through to health food and nutraceutical's to list a few.

As well under each of these groups you can add whether they are specialty diets (vegan, gluten-free and organic) and religious dietary laws (halal and kosher).

We add value to your business by offering an enterprise business platform to display your business. And through collaboration our goal is to work towards bringing the global world of food together from a single go to hub. Further through our innovation FoodService Select offers a purpose built and well thought out platform designed for your business and the food service industry.

FoodService Select offers a great place to start and make more informed decisions. As we grow there will be more of everything to choose from. Approach more suppliers, manufacturers to consultants and finance for making a more informed decision.

Example Process - Assuming the chef or new business owner has a business location. FoodService Select has a section for finance solutions for the available options from loans to rent and leasing options. Another section covering food service consultant's for the design and specification of your food service facility. An equipment section covering manufacturers and suppliers allowing the client to view the possible choice's to match their requirements as well for the consultants use. And in the meantime looking up food products suppliers and building up relationships. An all en-compassing food service hub, a "win win" solution for everyone.

We offer a range of plans (now and in the future) Starter, Premium Light, Premium and Professional. We understand we are new to the industry, though the amount of time and effort that has gone into the design and development of FoodService Select makes us stand out from the rest - ie. the business features section has multiple areas to add content and only the filled in areas will display, add more businesses and add brands under a single account, and much more.

As well the amount of money that goes into tradeshows far exceeds our costs as opposed to a few days or longer and we are searchable every day of the year. We are not saying not to use the exhibitions and tradeshows as they offer different exposure; we offer an alternative marketing point and we believe we offer added value to your existing marketing plan.

Is your business ranking at the top of the search results? Is your business showing on the first, second or third page of search results? We hope so but that is likely not the case for most unless you have a sizable SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) budget or a SEO specialist working on your search results. Are you a niche business and ranking on the first few pages of search results, this is great however as your key search terms are potentially not as saturated as other terms how much traffic is your site and business getting?

Also the issue is not a singular to SEO and also includes other factors. Possible issues include site design (ie. responsive design and latest HTML5 design practices) and site content. Does your site have the exact or match very close to the search terms a user is searching for in your site – the combinations could be endless?

Are you doing all this and focusing on your business? The world is ever evolving and we help showcase your business while you send more time on what you do best, your business.

Our plans free or paid are an added value investment to showcase your business. As we are a start-up having you list with us as either a free or paid listing will help better expose your business and in turn help us become the first major food service hub through better collaboration and our innovation.

We have found finding a range of products and services can be very time consuming. This is where FoodService Select comes in to offer companies the ability to list their products and services whether they rank well or not to list their business in a simple to use 'hub' and showcase their products and services.

Also some companies rely on their established dealer network to move their products or offer their services which is fine and in many cases a model that works, but they could also be missing out on opportunities as their dealer network cannot reach everyone. FoodService Select makes the search process easier and quicker and gives you access to a far wider variety of worldwide companies, products and services than ever before.

"We have put a lot of work into the development of this platform and look forward to the years to come as we expand and grow in an ever increasing industry." – Brian Clarke, CEO & Founder

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