How to Upgrade and Downgrade Your Plan

You will need to log in and access your Console page to either upgrade or downgrade each plan. Click on the Manage button and select Change Plan. You will be taken to another page where you can select which plan your want to change and follow the process. 

Starter Free Plan (Default Plan) is our default plan and can only be selected initially and once a paid plan has finished. Meaning if you have opted for a paid plan, Starter Free is only available once the plan ends and is not renewed - the change is automatic.

When upgrading and downgrading your original listing position will be changed to the next available place within the new tier and your position in the current listing can not be recovered. Visit Category Ranking (Placements) for more information.

Downgrading Plans – Your Listing and Brand Data

When you downgrade a plan any entered information is retained, however you will not be able to access the entered information if the plan does not have that feature and additionally will not display on your live page.  

How Billing and Downgrading/Upgrading Plan Work

Visit billing for details about what happens when changing a plan and how fees are handled.

Yearly Plans Changed to a Monthly Plan

Yearly plans can not change to a monthly plan during the yearly term. This is because the yearly plan has received a discount. You can change to another yearly plan or wait for the year to end and then change to monthly. See billing for more details.