How To Ensure Access To Your Account

In the event you are unable to access your account there a few ways you can avoid this issue.

  • Use an email address only you have access to. In larger companies this can be difficult especially with open plan offices, the reason for this is anyone who can access your email account can reset your password.
  • For emails you no longer use or no longer have access to should be removed from your account for your security.
  • Add your real name and date of birth so we can use this for account verification.
  • Add a backup email address.

How To Add Or Remove An Email Address From Your Account

Locate User in the top navigation and select Edit Email, this is your email manager .

You can add email (requires verification), change the email "Set as Login Email" and delete the other email(s). Your "Set as Login Email" can not be deleted.

Note if you change your log in email you will be sent an email confirmation notification which you will need to confirm by accessing your email account. You can now access your account with the new email address.