Your Account Console

The Console is the main page of your account. The console provides access to view all your listings (plans), brands and to see your advertisements available (advertisements is coming soon).

Your Listings

Lists all your company listings and brands with a range of the following features:

  • Add Additional Listings (Plans)
  • Add Brands – this allows you to add a brand under a specific listing
  • Plan Expiration - when the listing subscription ends
  • My Ads (coming soon) - add new advertisement

Manage (dropdown) - At The End Of Each Listing And Brand

  • View Listing – displays the live listing on the site
  • Stats (coming soon) – lists statistics about the listing or brand (if available)
  • Edit Your Listing or Brand  – this allows you to edit the listing.
  • Unpublish/Publish – Allows you to hide or show you listing, more about Unpublish/Publish Listings
  • Delete Listing (coming soon) – Allows you to delete a listing and all associated Brands, see deleting listings or brands.
  • Delete Brand – Allows you to delete a brand, see deleting listings or brands.