Feature Coming Soon, Contact Us To Delete Your Account.

Deletion And Removal Of Your Account

Deleting your account involves the complete removal of your entire account. This includes all the information added such as images, uploads, content, documents, etc... and all your listings and brands. Once deleted, your information cannot be recovered and you cannot reactivate your account unless within the pending deletion period.

You will need to contact us to permanently delete your account. Every account deletion enters a pending deletion request.

Note: Any financial transactions purchased with us will be retained for accounting and legal reasons.

What Is A Pending Account Deletion Request?

A pending deletion request is a period of 30 days that allows you to cancel the deletion request and have your account reinstated without losing any information. Past this period all your information, listings and brands are deleted and cannot be recovered, this includes any credits in your account. We offer this period as a safety measure to protect your listings from malicious use and change of mind.