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How to deactivate or reactivate your account

Once logged in to your account under User in the top navigation select Deactivate Account and follow the prompts to complete the process, you will receive a notification of the change.

Note: Deactivating your account disables people from viewing any listings or brands added to your account. Also your subscription (plan) continues as normal, this does not put a hold on the period choosen.

If You Received An Email Notification About Deactivating Or Reactivating That Was Not Authorised. 

In the event you receive a deactivating or reactivating email notification that was not authorised, we recommend you reset your password. Note if people can access your email account they can reset the site password.

This could also be due to someone else in your organisation that is making changes that you were not aware of that you have allowed access. Either way be sure you know who has access and ask that they keep you informed of any changes.