Trademarks are used to differentiate and identify the services and products a person or company offers. Trademarks offer protection from the misuse and misrepresentation of the trademark from other people, creating a stronger integrity of logos and brand names and other types of important material to be trademarked. Trademarks can be a name, word, phrase, slogan, image, shape and colour.

Trademarks involve a process of an official registration, once approved a trademarks registration lasts for a 10 year period. You must go through the registration process to own a trademark, and simply starting a business does not grant you trademark rights and therefore cannot be legally enforceable. 

Report A Trademark Infringement

Prior to making a infringement claim we would appreciate if you would contact the person or company that you believe has infringed on your rights, as this may be resolved between yourselves without involving FoodService Select. Fill out this form to report an infringement.