Our Focus To Be An Extension To Your Business

1 - The Introduction Header 

Which covers your intro – logo, company name, general location, custom header, introduction, links to any brands added and the main image

Introduction Header

1.1 - Event listings (only) there is the addition of a large Upcoming Event 

This feature includes the basic information, logo, name, description and locations. With the addition of a large map. 

Event Listing Upcoming Event

2 - Contact Details, Social Media & Updates

Contact - This covers general contact information, links to your website and contact email. Links to your social media pages. If you have more than one (1) of the same (ie. two (2) Twitter accounts, we allowed for multiple entries which can be identified with a unique name.

Map Location - Your business location with a large map for easy navigation and a better user experience.

Upcoming Event Details - showcase your next event displaying the event name, date, your event position venue address plus an event description.

Listing Contact Information and Social Media

3 - More About “Companyname” covers all the available Business Features that are included with your plan.

Provide further information about your company, services you offer, news and promotions, awards and medals, events (only one displays for non-event listings, products, featured work, contacts and partners and more. 

Contacts and Partners is great feature to include your contacts from around the country and the world.

Listing Business Feature Section

Next we provide a Brand page overview.