The available Business Features varies depending on the plan choosen

We offer a variety of Business Features to better introduce your business. Our goal is to become an extension of your business and it is important to note only features with added content will display.


Add a main description about your company. This could be about the history, your innovation, vision, goals and anything else that could be used to help sell.

Also add information from when you were founded, employee count and the company type.

About Business Feature

Social Media

Links to your social media accounts can be added. If you have more than one of the same (ie. two (2) LinkedIn accounts, we allow for multiple entries which can be identified by entering a unique name.

Social Media Business Feature


Select the most appropriate heading for your services. Multiple services can be added. Then fill out the information for each service, note the image is not a required entry.

Services Business Feature

Catalog & Price Guides

Add your product catalog and/or price guide to show the products you offer.

Catalog & Price Guide Business Feature

Coming Soon - Products

Select the most appropriate heading for the type of products you offer. Currently Products (ie. for financial institutions), Food Equipment and Food Products are available. Then fill out the information for each product you want to display. Currently they will all be displayed one after the other. If you have many you may want to combine them.

Products Business Feature

Coming Soon - Events

Add information about the type of event or show you we be displaying you products or services. Simply choose a heading for your event. Remember you can change this at any time to suit the type of event. Add a date, a title, a description about the event and where you will be located within the event as well as the overall event location.

Events Business Feature

Coming Soon - Media & Sponsors

Media & Sponsors allows you to add various media you have recived and the sponsors that your work with. You can add a logo (always get permission first), title (ie. Sponsor or Media name, event name) and a description.

Media & Sponsors Business Feature

Coming Soon - Featured Work | Projects

Add previous and current projects and include a large image of your work. Max image size displayed is 1000 pixels wide.

Projects Business Feature

Coming Soon - Awards & Medals

Awards & Medals allows you to add various media you have recived and the sponsors that your work with. You can add a logo (always get permission first), title, description and the download of the actual.

Awards & Medals Business Feature

Coming Soon - Certifications

Add certifications about your products to better inform and show greater transparency. Add an logo for the certificate, title, description and the actual certification in PDF format.

Certifications Business Feature

Coming Soon - News - Keep Your Customers Informed

Choose from 4 News section. Each heading will be displayed as a separate feature and shown here. Multiple entries are allowed per feature.

Available headings | Latest News, New Products, New Ideas & Innovations and Promotions.

News Business Feature

Coming Soon - Contacts & Partners

Contacts and Partners offers a great way to add specific and relevant people for head office, sales to industry partners. Industry Partners can be partners and affiliations to help your business. Add information from name, title, company, brief intro, website and email, and their social media connections (incl. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

Contacts & Partners Business Feature

Should you have any further questions please contact us, we are happy to help.