1 - There are two options: 

  1. After verifying your email (left image) click on the button to begin a free trial.
  2. From within your Console (right image) locate the "+ Add New Listing" button

Next you will be taken to select your main category (sector)  

How To Add A Listing

2.1 - Choose Your Category 

To initially create your listing, select your main category followed by one sub-category. You will be able to add more categories later in your listing manager. 

Once your listing is created you can edit (add/remove)  categories later.

Choosing Your Main Category

2.2 - Select Your Sub-Category

Once you see the “+” that is the end of the sub-category. Click within the blue bar to select that category. 

Next you will be taken to edit your profile.

Selecting Your Sub-Category

3 - Add Initial Content 

Fill out all the required fields and then click on the submit button.

Note: Listing Description is your page short description and is limited to 160 characters.

Adding Initial Content

4 - Your Payment Details

To complete a listing select the Plan you want and add your credit card details. Your credit card details are required before the listing goes live. No fees are charged during the trial period. Only once the free trial has ended will payment be taken. 

For your security we use Stripe for your security in protecting your details.

Example Listing

Below is an illustration on an example listing. Once you have finished the initial listing setup you can access your Console to add additional information, images and business features.

Example Listing

Next we provide a quick tutorial about your Console.