1 - Console Navigation

Console Navigation

2 - Listing & Brand Manager

This is where you add and manage your listings and brands.

Console Listing and Brand Manager

3 - Editing Your Listing & Brands

The left hand navigation is where to edit the profile, 
add/edit the categories and displays the available Business Features. 

Editing Your Listing

4 - Category Manager - List View & Remove

The “Category List Manager” tab is where you can view all the categories your listing is under. 

To remove a category, hover over the individual category highlighted and select the trash can at the far right. If you have accidentally remove a category use the “Select Additional Categories” tab and re-add.

Console List Manager

5 - Category Manager - Adding

Initially only a single category was added to setup your listing. Now completed access “Categories” from the left menu and choose the “Select Additional Categories” tab to add the other categories you offer.

Only add categories you offer. 

Category Manager Edit

Next we provide a Listing overview.