Categories are those listed within the main directories. Within categories, listings (subscriptions) are tiered down from Professional (coming soon), Premium, Premium Light to Starter Free. The order in which your listing is placed works on a first come first serve basis. So if you are the first person to sign-up under a certain category under the Premium plan you will come up as number one. The categroy ranking/placements order does not apply when users use the search feature as the results will be relative to the search terms entered.

If you change (downgrade or upgrade a listing) the listing will be adjusted into the chosen tier and your listing placed under all current listings in that category as it is new to that category. An upgrade or downgrade ranking cannot be undone once changed.

If you cancel (delete) your listing (subscription) you will lose the placement for that particular listing. However if you cancel the pending deletion (pending deletion - coming soon) and reinstate your listing, it will appear as before with the original placement.