Commonly asked questions about your account and about FoodService Select.

What Does Foodservice Select Do With My Personal Information?

Your privacy is very important, find out more about what FoodService Select does with your personal information and review our Privacy Policy.

Minimum Password Length & Recommendations

Your quick guide to passwords from minimum password length, recommendations, creating a secure password to protecting your password and more.

I’ve Found A Business With Duplicate Listings, What Can I Do?

Notify us of any duplicate listings by contacting us and reporting an error, we will look into the action to take with the duplicate listing.

How To Recommend A Business Not Listed

If you are the business owner you can start listing your business by signing up. If not the business owner, contact us by recommending a business.

Will FoodService Select Ask For My Password

Absolutely not, we will never ask you for your password (ie. via email) or email your password as an attachment, read more about how passwords are handled.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design adapts the website to the viewing device using a fluid layout design to adapt to the viewing device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Naming Standards - Your Identity

Naming standards are set in place to provide people with a communication point as FoodService Select aims towards better connecting the foodservice industry.

Category Ranking (Placements)

Category Ranking (Placement) is the position your listings and brands are located on your selected plan and categories, learn further about category ranking.

Flagged & Cancelled Listings

Learn about the possible reasons for a listing or brand being flagged, the possible outcomes and what you can do next.