Certification marks are usually endorsed by the product certifier for the certified product. Additionally in the event of a successful certificate the product certifier is not required to offer a certification mark, as certification marks are issued at the discretion of the certifier. Certification marks that have been issued and placed on products are typically easy to view, with information about the certificate listings; this provides data that the product certification is still active and meets certain standards and conditions.

To determine an active certification certain information is required. The certification will include the specific product and or type to be certified, the required criteria the product is required to meet, the issuance date of certification and its expiration (if required). More information may be visible though ISO Guide 65 states the minimum information required to be displayed as mentioned on the certification mark.

Generally an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) compares the use and installation of the product with the intent of the rating by performing tests. The product listing must be active in order to comply with code and if the product is de-listed this can mean the product no longer meets the qualification criteria or due to a manufacturers business decision.