The most frequently asked questions and answers about billing are listed here. Visit Plans and Pricing to learn more about our paid subscriptions. If your question is not listed below let us know.

Free Trial

Paid Plan Free Trial Period

We offer a 90 day free trial period, during this period you are free to use our service to find which subscription suits your company. At the end of the trial period you will be prompted to continue using the service by selecting a plan type and duration (monthly or yearly). The start of your free trial is the beginning of your subscription. 

If you decide not to continue with a paid plan at the end of your trial, your plan will default to our Starter Free plan.

Plans (Subscriptions)

Plans (Subscriptions)

Paid accounts are pre-paid. You are paying for either the next month or year depending on your chosen plan. To view and print an invoice, go to User and select My Invoices. Charges are handled through the Stripe Payment System. For more information about the various subscriptions visit plans and pricing.  

What is a Plan?

A plan is a single listing (ie. company) that you have added to your account.

Multiple Plans (Listings) Are Allowed In A Single Account?

We allow you to add additional plans to a single account for each of your businesses. Each plan is treated individually with its own plan type and a separate invoice.

Choosing Between Monthly Or Yearly Plans

The difference between monthly and yearly plans is yearly plans offer 2 months for free and is a single payment and invoice.

If We Hide A Listing (Plan), Is The Listing Still Charged?

When you hide a plan, the plan is hidden from view, during this time your plan period continues as if it were live, and no fees will be pro-rated. We are an open site, people do not have to log in to see your listing. We mainly offer this feature for editing purposes and any other reason your listing needs to be hidden.

Changing Your Plan During The Plan Period

We offer you the ability to change your plan during your current plan period. Here’s how we handle this. However because we are an open site meaning users do not have to log in to use the site we offer one (1) change per month. We believe one (1) change is more than adequate and is in place to avoid abuse of changing plans (ie. having a Premium listing over the weekend then dropping to our Free plan for the rest of the week) which would not be fair to other listings. Note when changing your plan the placement with your existing listing will be lost. Refer to Category Rankings for more information. Yearly plans cannot change to a monthly plan until the year plan has ended, this is due to the discount offered.

Cancelling your Plan (Listing)

Before cancelling a plan refer to Refunds in this section. To cancel a plan access your “Console” and at the end of your listing row is a drop down menu titled “Manage”, from the dropdown you will have the option to change or delete your listing (plan). Deleting a listing (coming soon) will delete all your information, (also coming soon - we provide a pending deletion process as a safeguard (change of mind, abuse, accidental deletion) to reinstate your account as it was, during this process your listing will not show.)

Cancelled Account by FoodService Select

This would only happen when the terms and conditions have been violated and we reserve the right to whether any fees are to be refunded.

Payment Methods & Invoicing 

Payment Methods & Security (Stripe)

We use the Stripe Payment system - Card and Payment Types Accepted. Visit Stripe’s Payment Security for more information on security. We use Stripe do to its security and options (ie. proration for plan changes). Currently we do not offer PayPal.

Can we change the anniversary date so all our listings can be paid together?

Currently we do not offer this feature. 

We can't pay by credit card. Can you invoice my company? 

We only accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit card payments currently. Contact our sales team if you prefer to pay by invoice, currently this is only available for advertisement payments.


You can view details about your invoices covering any transactions in the “My Invoices” section of your account.

Additional Billing Contacts?

Currently we do not offer this feature.

Additional Information on the invoice?

Currently we do not offer this feature.

Proration, Credits & Refunds

Proration and Credited Amounts

When upgrading, you will pay a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the month. If you choose to downgrade, you will be credited on next month's invoice.

We do this by adjusting the amounts for the monthly portion used against the new monthly portion to start on, this will be created immediately and you will be charged or credited depending on the amount. A basic example; you have used 10 days on your current monthly subscription and the month has 30 days, how much you will charged will be calculated like this: (10 days x current monthly subscription day rate) + (20 days x new monthly subscription day rate) = amount changed. Any used credit will be used against the new amount to be paid. 


Credits are non-transferrable to a separate account. In the event your account balance amount is greater than the amount due, we'll draw against your credit balance until it's used, only after this will we start charging your subscription. Unused amounts will not expire, unless your account is permanently closed. 


We do not offer refunds as we offer a 30 day free trial. The start of the 30 day free trial is the beginning of your subscription period. During this period before being charged you are free to cancel at any time. Refer to the Terms and Conditions.


Advertising on the site will be offered on a minimum one (1) month agreement. For advertising placements please contact us to discuss what your needs are, how we can help and the available payment options.