The vegan lifestyle is a diet based on eating only plant foods with animal products excluded. The diet places more focus on grains, nuts, beans, soy base products, fruit, vegetables and vegan meats based from gluten and soy. The cuisine or dishes in the vegan diet are full of flavour from burritos, veggie stir-fry’s, bean dishes (Mexican), pasta dishes and much more.

Meat substitutes such as vegetarian sausages, tofu to veggie burgers are made to simulate food meat products. Milk and creams are derived from plants to make soy and almond milk. Eggs can be substituted with starch based egg substitutes. Vegan cheeses named teese and sheese are to simulate cheese, based from soy, nuts and tapioca. Chocolates can be made without the use of dairy milk to produce vegan chocolate.

Jainism is a vegan group that follows the vegan diet due to their belief of not hurting or killing animals unnecessarily. The vegan diet is able to supply all the nutrients the body requires as long as the diet is well planned to gain all the body requirements from proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals to vitamins.

Types of foods in the vegan diet are tofu, seeds, nuts, legumes, beans, fruit, vegetables, grains, cereals, vegan cheese with the addition of supplements from protein powder, vitamins and minerals and oils. Beans and legumes are high in both fibre and protein and low in fat, making beans and legumes perfect staples for a healthy diet. The protein in legumes is incomplete, but, when combined with grains, they present a perfectly balanced protein, making beans and grains dishes ideal food for vegans and vegetarians.

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