Halal is a term in Islamic law meaning permissible. In the context of food and drinks Halal is a method where certain foods and drinks are deemed permissible for consumption. Not all animals (excluding fish and seafood) can be consumed and must be slaughtered correctly by the technique named Dhabiha.

Forbidden items deemed as unclean or forbidden consist of pork, gelatin (made from pork), alcohol, blood (animals products are required to be drained of their blood) and prohibited food deemed to be considered unclean as per the Islamic law.

Awarenesses for Halal  products is growing in the hospitality sector, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries as Halal Certification provides Muslims and others groups following the Halal diet with assurance they are consuming and using products that follow the Islamic law. Halal Certified food products provide assurance to restaurants, hotels and airlines offering Halal food that are approved and fit for consumption, this is especially important when dealing with the Middle Eastern and South Eastern Asian countries.

Find and select from a range of Halal Certified suppliers to manufacturers of Halal foods from meat, processed food products and drinks, find it here at FoodService Select.

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