Fresh Technique

Located in Hanwood, New South Wales, Australia

Extensive Range of Fresh Salad, Herb & Green Bunched Vegetable Products

Fresh Technique is dedicated to continuing family farming traditions while partnering experience and providing the market with clean and fresh quality produce. It established a 1 hectare Cravo greenhouse with a retractable roof and a fully equipped on-farm processing facility to manage products from seed to harvest.

The focus is on guaranteeing quality, consistency and yield to meet the growing demands of all customers. 

Using the latest in production and processing practices, Fresh Technique offers clients an extensive range of fresh salad, herb and green bunched vegetable products conveniently packaged ready for food service, shelf and fresh market. 

Produce | Mesclun Mix, Curly Kale, Red &, Green & Duo Oakleaf, Watercress, Red & Green Coral, Baby Spinach, English Spinach, Baby Silverbeet, Red & Green Butter Lettuce, Fresh shredded Iceberg, Fresh shredded Romaine (Cos), Fresh shredded Wombok


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Phone: +61 2 6963 0126


Fresh Technique
192 McGanns Road
New South Wales 2680

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