Vee Jay’s Kalfresh - VJK Produce

Located in Bowen, Queensland, Australia

Growers Of Tomatoes, Capsicums, Pumpkins & Green Beans

Founded by farmers, Vee Jay’s Kalfresh (VJK Produce) is a vertically integrated farming company with sustainable farming as its core business.

VJK Produce farms 550 hectares in the Bowen region of Queensland, Australia where it grows and harvests tomatoes, red and green capsicums, baby capsicums, pumpkins and green beans.

VJK Produce employs sustainable farming practices and techniques and now has organic certification across a large portion of its farming area. Through methods such as seed selection and soil management, VJK Produce actively monitors the environment to minimise its impact on the ecosystem.

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Phone: +61 7 4785 2276


Vee Jay’s Kalfresh - VJK Produce
50 E Euri Rd
Queensland 4805

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