Located in Brookvale, New South Wales, Australia

Traditional Biltong & Flavoured Snack Food Products

Biltong-To-Go is a Sydney based Australian company creating a range of traditional biltong and flavoured snack food products.

Created from humble beginnings, after making biltong for family and friends and starting without a business plan, Biltong-To-Go was created.

Priding itself on making quality 'lekker' biltong, the Biltong-To-Go makes "wet biltong" (biltong that is dried for less time) as well as the more traditional, drier biltong.

Biltong-To-Go makes fresh biltong weekly using a proprietary spice-mix free from any preservatives and is available throughout Australia.

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Products | Classic Traditional Biltong - "Original" flavour, Traditional Biltong - "Smokey BBQ" flavour (Limited Edition), Wagyu Beef Biltong - "Original" flavour, Traditional Biltong - "Chilli Garlic" flavour, Biltong Snapsticks ("Stokkies"), Limited Edition Biltong Snapsticks - Cajun Flavour, Limited Edition Lemon Pepper Biltong Snapsticks ("Stokkies"), Limited Edition Biltong Snapsticks - Curry Flavour (Mild), Dry Wors, Limited Edition Chilli-Chutney Snap-sticks ("Stokkies"), Biltong Snap-sticks - "Chakalaka Vegetable Relish" Flavour - (Limited Edition), Biltong Snap-sticks - "Incredible Onion" Flavour - (Limited Edition), Biltong Snapsticks - "Sweet Chilli" Flavour - (Limited Edition)


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