KOOEE! All Natural Snacks

Located in Tasmania, Australia

Beef Jerky | Free-Range Grass-Fed Australian Beef

Made with 100% free-range grass-fed Australian beef, KOOEE! is a high protein natural beef jerky.

Originating from a market need for healthy natural snacks, KOOEE! All Natural Snacks has been in business since 2015.  

After many years searching for the right product, KOOEE! bought a factory in Tasmania and now distributes all over the country.  

Available in a range of flavours, KOOEE! beef jerky is quality fuel for active outdoor lifestyles and does not contain any gluten, added sugar or artificial ingredients. 

Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Flavours | Classic Sea Salt, Manuka Honey, Native Pepper, Smoked Chipotle, Habanero Chilli


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Phone: +61 3 6330 2255


KOOEE! All Natural Snacks
Tasmania Australia

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