Campers Pantry

Located in Red Hills, Tasmania, Australia

Freeze-Dried Food Manufacturer of Portable Meal Kits for Camping & Hiking

Campers Pantry is an Australian owned freeze-dried food manufacturer in Tasmania producing a range of portable meal kits for camping and hiking.

Founded in 2016, the Campers Pantry vision is based around consistently sourcing only local produce to create a range of lightweight, nutritious food products for the camping, outdoor and adventure markets. Meals are designed to be prepared and eaten straight from the bag, saving on weight, time, cooking and cleaning up.

Campers Pantry has designed and created a range of products aimed at simplifying meal planning. Whether camping or hiking, Campers Pantry range of convenient meal options are easy to prepare. Using real meat and genuine ingredients, Campers Pantry products are super light to carry, have a long shelf life requiring no refrigeration, just added water.

Campers Pantry 100% freeze dried meals are naturally nutritious and high in protein, making the ideal camping or hiking food. Using only 100% real ingredients, meat and vegetables are freeze dried to retain flavour. Campers Pantry freeze dried vegetables can be added to casseroles, curries, pasta dishes or simply used on their own as a nourishing meal accompaniment.

Meal range includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert as well as snacks and pantry ingredients to create individual meals.


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Campers Pantry
95 Montana Rd
Red Hills
Tasmania 7304

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