Living Intentions

Located in Point Richmond, California, United States of America

Minimally Processed Activated Foods | Superfoods, Nuts & Seeds

Living Intentions creates a unique range of minimally processed activated foods that are nutritionally dense, clean, pure food ingredients without fillers or additives.  

Blending plant-based superfoods with prebiotics and healing herbs, Living Intentions produces activated food products sprouted with active enzymes and filled with healthy superfoods. 

To protect the essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients foods are gently air-dried at low temperatures.

Product Range | Superfood Popcorn, Superfood Cereal, Superfood Nut Blends, Sprouted Trail Mix, Sprouted Nuts, Sprouted Seeds, Pre-Packed Boxes, Bulk Products

Superfood Popcorn | Tandoori Turmeric, Salsa Verde, Cinnamon Twist and Berry Superfruit

Superfood Cereal | Cacao Crunch, Blueberry Blast, Banana Hemp, Radiant Raspberry and Figs, Flax and Fibre

Superfood Nut Blends | Dark Cacao, White Chocolate, Malted Maple, Honey Sriracha, Thai Curry

Sprouted Trail Mix | Wild Berry and Spicy Mango

Sprouted Nuts | Almonds Unsalted

Sprouted Seeds | Salted Pumpkin Seeds, Smokey Barbecue and Jalapeno Mojo

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Living Intentions
Point Richmond
California United States of America

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