Snack foods comes in a variety of forms from packaged and processed foods and items made fresh, frozen or preserved. Looking for a party favourite, movie night snacks, the Sunday football game snack pleaser or simply something new, find a snack food for any occasion.

Snack foods are available as frozen and packaged ranging from pizza, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, instant noodles, macaroni and cheese, cheese puff, cheese curls, corn chips and tortilla chips, potato chips, popcorn, pork rinds, pretzels hard or soft, crackers, rice cake and rice crackers.

Meat products from meat pie’s (beef, pork, chicken), cocktail sausages and beef jerky type products. Bakery goods from donuts, muffins, chocolate croissants, loaf cake, teacake, cakes, cookies, biscuits, shortbread, pretzel (soft), waffles to Belgium waffles.

Dairy snack foods from yogurt (drinkable or thick), ice cream, milkshake mixes, smoothie mixes - see also mixtures. Find sweeteners (artificial) and sugar substitute products under baking products and ingredients. Also select from a range of healthy snacks from granola bars, fruit cocktail and fruit salad, dried fruit and raisins, trail mix, dips and packaged vegetables (ie. edamame, carrot sticks), fruit and berries (on the go) – see fruit products and vegetables products. For nuts and seeds visit seeds, nuts and beans.

Find snack foods from local to international suppliers and manufacturers, find something new or go with your favourite, find it here at FoodService Select.

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Metro Food Co.

health food products high fibre and superfood ingredients, range covers snacks, baking, quick meals, dressings, baby food, pasta, pasta sauce and beverages.

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Tiger Buck

Beef jerky maker using 100% unprocessed Australian beef without artificial flavours, colours, fillers or MSG to provide a raw, lean, salted, air-dried product.

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Way Better Snacks

A range of healthy, natural tortilla chips & veggie chips snacks made from non GMO ingredients without the use of artificial additives or preservatives.

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With over 80 gluten free products ranging from breakfast foods, biscuits, cooking, baking, pasta, crispbreads and snacks distributed to over 70 countries.

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Byron Bay Chilli Company

Byron Bay Chilli Company produces a range of sauces, salsas and corn chips for cooking, snacking, dipping, marinating, grilling and stir frying.

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Coney Island Classics

Kettle corn that is hand crafted in small batches using small copper kettles to ensure an authentic seasoning flavour with Himalayan pink salt and non GMO corn.

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Carwari International

Carwari supplies tahini, black tahini, sesame oil, sesame seeds, black sesame products, roasted/raw nuts, agave nectar, miso paste, Instant Miso Soup, Honey, …

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Organic Mountain

Producers of traceable organic food products from ethically sourced ingredients ranging from oils, sweeteners, drinks, snacks, grains, flours and baking goods.

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Honest to Goodness

Sydney based organic food and natural products supplier specialising in bulk wholefoods with over 1,000 products that works directly growers and suppliers.

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Kuranda Wholefoods

Supplying a range of products including muesli, energy bars, chia bars, nut bars, protein bites, nut free, fruit free, vegan and fructose friendly products.

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Cobs Fine Foods

Product range includes Multipack range, Pop'd chips, Natural range, Organic range, Caramel popcorn, Corn chips range producing small-batch snack foods.

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Gran Luchito

Mexican food products that includes sauces, salsa, tortilla chips, tacos, refried beans, toppings and mixes from traditional recipes and cooking methods.

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Bennetto Natural Foods Company

Chocolate bars and dark chocolate powders that are creatively developed with new and original flavours without adding any unnecessary unnatural ingredients.

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Loving Earth

Products range from activated breakfast cereals, organic superfoods and fair trade raw organic chocolate made from regenerative Ashaninka cacao.

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Living Intentions

Product range includes foods from superfood popcorn, superfood cereal, superfood nut blends, sprouted trail mix, sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds.

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Dr. Klaus Karg KG

German bakery producing artisan crispbreads and wholegrain snacks using carefully selected ingredients while keeping with traditional methods of baking.

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The Carob Kitchen

The Carob Kitchen produces a range of carob bars, carob syrup and carob powder products located in Willunga, South Australia.

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Ford's Gourmet Foods

Ford's Gourmet Foods is a distributor of non GMO, gluten free foods from sauces, mustards, nuts and seasonings supplying domestic and international markets.

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Campers Pantry

Freeze-dried food manufacturer of portable meal kits for camping and hiking. Products include breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and pantry ingredients.

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Mexico City Foods

Select from a broad range of Mexican food products from tortillas, corn chips, beans, canned chillies, dried chilli, cheese, herbs, drinks and much more.

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Go Natural Australia

Go Natural Products creates a range of products from nut snacks, protein bar, protein nut bars, grain bars and slices, sesame crisps and fruit snacks.

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Utz Quality Foods

Creators of an extensive range of snack food products such as Bachman, Zapp’s, Dirty, Golden Flake, Good Health, Snikiddy, Boulder Canyon, Tortiyahs!, …

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KOOEE! All Natural Snacks

Beef jerky made with 100% free range grass fed Australian beef in flavours | classic sea salt, manuka honey, native pepper, smoked chipotle, habanero chilli.

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Jack's Black Label Fine Foods

Specialising in the production of quality beef jerky and deli smallgoods. Beef jerky products are made with 100% Australian beef with a range of flavours.

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American bean chips snack food company manufacturer producing dippers and crunch products cooked the traditional way, low temperate and slow cooked.

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Matzot, matzah products, cookies & Passover cookies manufacturer located in Israel. Products are sold in Israel and overseas.

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Bubs Australia

A natural organic baby food business producing baby formulas (stages 1, 2 and 3 – cows and goat milk), cereals, pouches, rusks and snacks foods.

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Essentially Keto

Melbourne food company focused at ketogenic products and low-carb products for the keto lifestyle, select from a range of ketogenic energy bars and fat drops.

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Naked Paleo

Natural Food Company producing and range of paleo Bars, latte powders and oils, a combination of basic, real food ingredients and ancient eating principles.

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Pretzel Pete

Specialty seasoned pretzels ranging from buffalo & blue cheese pretzel pieces, cheese pizza mini twists, cheese pizza mini twists, salted caramel mini twists, …

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Conagra Brands

Conagra Brands consistently challenges and disrupts the marketplace delivering quality food and brands as well as consistent margins and results.

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Jim’s Jerky

Jims Jerky products are made from quality Australian beef, quality cuts hand sliced and spiced, naturally dried select from jerky, biltong and dried sausages.

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Saffron Road

Products range covers frozen entrées and bowls, chicken nuggets, naan, hors d’oeuvres, broths, simmer sauces, snacks from crunchy chickpeas, lentil chips, …

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Spiral Foods

Foods range from organic oils, vinegars, organic pasta sauces, tomato products, maple syrup, Mexican agave and an array of traditional Japanese foods.

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Nutra Organics

Creating and delivering whole food products from broths, collagen and gelatin, vegan protein, superfood lattes and blends and whole food bars.

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Australian company creating a range of biltong and flavoured snack food products from traditional biltong, wagyu beef biltong, biltong snapsticks, dry wors, …

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Golden Pig & Co

Creating wholesome nutrient-dense allergy-friendly Asian dumplings, potstickers and bone broths with an authentic quality taste.

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The Nut Market

The Nut Market range covers more than nuts and dried fruit providing a constantly changing array of unique local as well as imported product lines.

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Morlife | Functional Food Manufacturers

Health food manufacturer of antioxidants, gluten-free foods, powders, teas, food bars, functional cereals and functional superfoods.

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Organic food from dairy free, nut free and gluten free products ranging from pasta, noodles, snacks, organic cereal cakes, ice cream cones and more.

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Mary’s Gone Crackers

Seed crafted crackers using only whole plant-based ingredients, ranging from original crackers, super seed crackers and real thin crackers in various flavours.

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Whole Kids

Organic Snacks for Children from Bars, Biscuits, Corn Chips, Dried Fruit, Frooshies, Rice Wafers, Juice, Popcorn, Puffs, Rice and Crackers.

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An Australian health food company creating a range of vegan plant based protein powders, blends and bars to compliment nutritional and lifestyle goals.

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Linda McCartney Foods

A range of quality food products using carefully selected and ethically sourced ingredients with dedication to wholesome, hearty and convenient dishes.

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The Locako product range extends from collagen bars, coffee creamers, chocolate gummies, MCT oil powder to keto collagen made with 100% clean ingredients.

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Flocchini Sausage

Traditional family recipes and classic techniques to produce a range of handcrafted, small-batch sausages with authentic quality flavour.

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Ruiz Foods

Manufacturers of frozen Mexican food and products from burritos, taquitos, tamales, quesadillas and chimichangas for consumers and the foodservice industry.

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Empire Jerky

Producers handcrafted jerky using fresh produce and quality grade cuts of Australian grass fed beef in flavours original, jalapeño & lime and habanero.

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B. Re and Sons – Quality Small Goods

An Australian smallgoods producer with a long tradition in speciality meats such as bacon, ham, salami and a continental range as well as convenience packs.

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Olive Green Organics

Find organic gluten-free pasta, Andean grains (quinoa, amaranth), the Good Fish brand to a kids range, with ingredients sourced to be authentic and sustainable.

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Bonsan | Absolutely Vegan

Quality organic vegan food covering breakfast, condiments, dressings, meat substitutes, savoury spreads, sweet spreads, snacks and confectionery.

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Bertocchi Smallgoods

Australian manufacturer of handcrafted continental smallgoods using local produce and authentic craftsmanship to create unique European smallgoods.

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Snack foods manufacturer of 100% plant based ingredients from organic, sustainable, non GMO certified growers with an extensive range of flavours.

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Borgo Salumi

Borgo Salumi is an Italian-style smallgoods producer of salami, ham, sausages, delicacies and pizza toppings located in Queensland Australia.

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Product range includes non-dairy milks, rice cakes, soy sauces, fruit juices, organic sweeteners, cold pressed oils, organic seeds, grains, nuts, beans, ...

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A family-owned and operated deli business producing, importing and distributing Mediterranean-Italian specialty foods, charcuterie, olives and antipasti.

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Montana Confectionery

Confectionery company producing Montana Confectionery (bananas, jelly babies, jelly beans, peppermints …) and Irresistible Chocolate range of products.

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RW Garcia

Organic Artisan Crackers, Organic Corn Chips, Gluten Free Artisan Crackers, MixtBag (tortilla chips), Big Bags (blue and yellow corn tortilla chips)

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Organic Times

Providing certified organic products from cookies, chocolate, confectionery, pantry items, grass-fed butter, ghee and milk powder.

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The Whole Food Kitchen

Products: Adzuki bean soup, chickpea & leek soup, Moroccan pumpkin soup, organic beetroot dip, organic chilli hummus, organic hummus, Organic Tzatziki, …

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Tartufi Jimmy

An Italian company producing and supplying fresh truffles and producing quality truffle-based preserved products that are distributed around the world.

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Gotzinger Smallgoods

Australian smallgoods producer using a woodchip process to produce a range of smoked meat from smokies, grilling brats, chipolatas, bacon and deli smallgoods.

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Perfection Food Group

Australian sweet food and dessert manufacturer of savoury products and the food brands La Crème, Gelato Cup, Mini Gelato Cup, The Ice Cream Factory.

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TIKA – Artesan Chips

Natural snack food products from Tika Chips, Tika Stixs, Tortikas, Tika Crackers, Tika Pop, Tika Nativas, Tika Wild Cereal in various flavours.

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Kaczanowski & Co

Third generation family-owned smallgoods producer making quality deli small goods from 100% Australian beef, lamb, pork and chicken.

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Vegan food products from premium raw dark 75% chocolates, premium vegan mylk and white chocolates, raw vegan dessert bars and vegan burger mix collection.

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Power Super Foods

Power Super Foods is a 100% Australian-owned specialised source for raw, organic, vegan, Fair Trade, low GI, gluten free and dairy free functional foods.

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Princi Smallgoods

Traditional Italian smallgoods manufacturer and wholesaler of salami, cooked ham, mortadella, prosciutto, pancetta, coppa, Cacciatore sausage and much more.

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The Country Chef Bakery Co.

Breads and desserts range from lemon meringue, banana bread, pavlova, sticky date, mini éclairs, meringue nests, vanilla meringue kisses and scones.

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Snack food manufacturer of popcorn, crackers, pretzels, cheese curls, potato chips, tortilla chips, meat sticks, pork rinds, onion rings and nuts.

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Rude Health

Healthy food products focused on quality and flavour from drinks, granola, muesli, porridge, cereals, kids, snacks, flours without anything artificial.

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Salumi Australia

Smallgoods producer of salami, cured and aged meats, San Daniele range, Spanish-style products, ocean, retail ready range and fermented small goods.

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