Section28 Artisan Cheeses

Located in Unley, South Australia, Australia

Australian Cheeses Using European Cheesemaking Classic Traditions

Section28 Artisan Cheeses creates a range of Australian cheeses in the European cheesemaking classic traditions together with the fusion of original recipe innovations. 

Located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, Section28 Artisan Cheeses was established with the intention of crafting a selection of artisan alpine-style cheeses to reflect the flavours of the surrounding area.

Combining industry disciplines and technical skill with sheer artistry, Section28 Artisan Cheeses is dedicated to the creation of handmade European-style cheeses, each crafted with an individual flavour and style, evoking a distinct sense of provenance.

Section28 Artisan Cheeses selection: Our Cheeses | Monforte, Mont Priscilla, il Lupo, Section28 Fontina, Mont Rouge, Monte Diavolo, La Primavera and Section28 Sunrise

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