SA Mushrooms

Located in Waterloo Corner, South Australia, Australia

Mushroom Farm Supplying A Wide Range Of Mushroom Varieties

Family-owned SA Mushrooms has been growing mushrooms in South Australia since 1998. With 50 years’ experience in retail fruit and vegetables the company recognised an opportunity to produce and market fresh hand-picked quality mushrooms.

The farm has expanded since then establishing a mushroom compost facility in 2014 producing 20 tonnes a week and 26 growing rooms. From the early days as a family-run farm, SA Mushrooms is now the second largest privately-owned mushroom farm in South Australia supplying mushrooms to produce markets, independent greengrocers and major supermarket chains both locally and across the nation.

Mushrooms | Button, Flat, Brown mushrooms, Swiss brown, Portobello, Exotic mushrooms, Enoki, King brown, Oyster, Shiitake, Shimeji

Pre-packaged | Freshly sliced, Whole button


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Contact Details

Phone: +61 8 8280 6443


SA Mushrooms
153 Tozer Road
Waterloo Corner
South Australia 5110

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