Food For Life

Located in Corona, California, United States of America

Crafting Wholesome Baked Goods

Started 50 years ago, Food for Life is a Californian company crafting wholesome baked goods using a slow-baking process to preserve the natural benefits of grain fibre.

Food for Life has since grown to offer a range of over 60 products, selecting globally sourced grains and seeds and using a sprouting method to process nutrient-rich grain ingredients for many of the products.

Food for Life has developed a range of diet-specific products including gluten-free, yeast-free, vegan and diabetic-friendly. 

Most of the ingredients in Food for Life products are certified organic and all ingredients are certified Kosher. All products are GMO free and made without the use of preservatives, shortenings or any refined sugars.

Product categories include: Breads, English Muffins, Cereals, Tortillas, Pocket Breads, Buns, Waffles and Pasta.


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Phone: +1 951 279-5090


Food For Life
2991 E. Doherty St.
California 92879
United States of America

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