Rice, pasta and noodles are a staple food amongst many cultures of the world Between cultures there is a more preferred stance towards either rice, pasta or noodles as a major part of their diet. And is seen around the world across each of the cultural regions.

Rice is a staple food amongst many cultures especially in the Middle East, Southern and Eastern Asian countries and across Africa. Types of rice range from white, jasmine, basmati, brown rice to short, medium and long grains. 

Pasta is well known in Italian cuisine, made mainly from durum wheat and is formed into many shapes either as dried or fresh. Pasta is either added with a sauce or is cooked with a filling (ravioli, tortellini). Types of pasta includes spaghetti, penne, macaroni, fusilli, lasagne and gnocchi. 

The noodle is used commonly in Asian dishes as either fried or boiled. Types of noodles are egg noodles, ramen noodles, dried rice vermicelli, udon noodles, fresh rice noodles, soba noodles, hokkien noodles, mung bean thread vermicelli and rice stick noodles. Noodles are either packaged as dried, refrigerated or frozen and can be made fresh.

Select from brands, suppliers to manufacturers of rice, pasta and noodle products locally to internationally, find it here at FoodService Select.

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Metro Food Co.

health food products high fibre and superfood ingredients, range covers snacks, baking, quick meals, dressings, baby food, pasta, pasta sauce and beverages.

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7 Chefs

Australian made preservative free pasta products, from gourmet fresh meals, gourmet filled pasta, pasta sauces and ready-to-eat for retail and foodservice.

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Belmar Foods

Australian manufacturer of pasta products from filled pasta, short and long pasta, croquettes, arancini, pre-cooked meals, sauces and private label options.

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With over 80 gluten free products ranging from breakfast foods, biscuits, cooking, baking, pasta, crispbreads and snacks distributed to over 70 countries.

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Eclipse Organics

An extensive range of products from food bars, muesli, nut and seed butters, nutritional supplements, nuts, oils, fats, cacao, coffee, dried fruits and more.

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Adamo's Pasta

Food manufacturer and distributor of fresh pasta products, prepared meals and sauces servicing a network of retail and wholesale clients.

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FMayer Imports

Importing and distributing over 1,000 food products, FMayer Imports offers a wide range of food delicacies and specialty products.

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Just Pasta

Major pasta manufacturer servicing the food industry - fresh and fresh frozen pasta, ready to eat, sauces, customised products - recipe development service.

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Honest to Goodness

Sydney based organic food and natural products supplier specialising in bulk wholefoods with over 1,000 products that works directly growers and suppliers.

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A wholesale supplier of fresh Asian noodles to the domestic market and services a number of foodservice manufacturers and providers across Australia.

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Authentic soy and noodle products from silken tofu, classic and hard tofu, Japanese momen tofu, fresh egg noodles, stir-fry noodles and fried noodles and more.

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Food For Life

Offering a range of over 60 products, from breads, English muffins, cereals, tortillas, buns, waffles and pasta including a range of diet-specific products.

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Sfoglini Pasta

Unique pasta products from seasonal specialty pastas, organic durum semolina, organic new york state grains, organic hemp pasta to mac and cheese favourites.

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Conagra Brands

Conagra Brands consistently challenges and disrupts the marketplace delivering quality food and brands as well as consistent margins and results.

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Spiral Foods

Foods range from organic oils, vinegars, organic pasta sauces, tomato products, maple syrup, Mexican agave and an array of traditional Japanese foods.

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Organic food from dairy free, nut free and gluten free products ranging from pasta, noodles, snacks, organic cereal cakes, ice cream cones and more.

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Olive Green Organics

Find organic gluten-free pasta, Andean grains (quinoa, amaranth), the Good Fish brand to a kids range, with ingredients sourced to be authentic and sustainable.

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Forbidden Foods

Quality organic non-GMO red, black and green rice superfood products forbidden foods works directly with rice farmers to ensure standards are upheld.

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Tartufi Jimmy

An Italian company producing and supplying fresh truffles and producing quality truffle-based preserved products that are distributed around the world.

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Olam International

Agri-business, supplying a wide product range from confectionery, beverage ingredients, edible nuts, spices, food staples (dairy, oils) and packaged foods.

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A creative British company offering a range of natural, organic, vegan plant-based nutrition products for quality before and after workout nourishment.

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