Backa Gourmet Foods

Located in Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia

Manufacturer of Dried Meats from Local Australian Produce

Backa Gourmet Foods make a range of fermented dried meats from local produce on Australia’s Sunshine Coast using only carefully selected meats and an all-natural process to ensure a good quality product.

Backa meat products are made without relying on artificial methods. Products are salt-cured using a starter culture while no glutens or preservatives are used throughout the process. 

Product Range | God Father (pork chilli salami), Pork Kulin, Beef Kulin, Hot Beef Kulin, Hungarian Salami, Beef Jerky, Beef Kabana, Chorizo, Gypsy Ham, Hocks (Smoked), Horse Shoe Mettwurst (Beef), Mini Proscuitto, Kaiserfleisch, Liverwurst, White Speck, Paprika Speck, Pepper Coat Cacciatore, Pickled Cabage Heads, Pork Crackle, Pork Trotters (Smoked), Pork Neck Smoked, Prosciuto, Smoked Dry Beef Fillet, Smoked Speck, Smoked Bones, Spanish Fillet, Summer Salami


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Backa Gourmet Foods
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