Laffy Family Farms

Located in Ducklo, Queensland, Australia

Sustainable Organic Pasturefed Beef & Organic Pasturefed Lamb

Laffy Family Farms is passionate about producing organic sustainable lamb and beef that provides a myriad of health benefits without the need for hormones, antibiotics, synthetic fertilisers or chemical enhancers - benefits that can only be achieved via a 100% pasture fed process.

Laffy Family Farms vision is to provide the local community with access to organically produced, naturally grown quality food in a sustainable and regenerative circular farming system. 

Red Angus cows are bred to produce tasty, tender quality meat raised on a 100% pasture fed diet and shifted daily onto fresh pastures in a non stressful way. Australian White x Dorper sheep are ideally suited to the farm environment producing quality, tender lamb. 

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Phone: +61 7 4663 8149


Laffy Family Farms
Queensland Australia

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