Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths

Located in Eganstown, Victoria, Australia

Australian Ethical Farmers Producing Pork & Cured Meat Products

Pasture-raising heritage large black pigs as well as a herd of cattle, Jonai Farms are a group of Australian ethical farmers producing a range of pork and cured meat products at the farm in Daylesford, Victoria.

Butchering, cooking and curing all meat on-farm, Jonai Farms produces and sells ethically raised pork and beef from the farm gate as well as through community-supported agriculture (CSA) membership.

Pork | Black ham, loin or streaky bacon, cutlets, seasonal sausages, american-style ribs, and/or a small roast or two (shoulder/loin/belly), sausage, salami, cured meats

Jamóns | very limited supply of jamóns - typically just 6 to 10 available each year. 

Other Cured Meats | A range of Italian-style salumi - coppa (capocollo), pancetta, guanciale, and bresaola.

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Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths
129 Morgantis Road
Victoria 3461

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