Professional Whey

Located in Erina, New South Wales, Australia

Protein Powders, Sport Supplements, Superfoods, Wholefoods

Started in 2006 Professional Whey an Australian supplier to source and manufacture a range of pure quality protein powders and sports nutrition products.

Professional Whey is committed to creating a clean sports nutrition company providing quality pure protein powders and supplements made without the need for unnatural added ingredients.

Building on a foundation of healthy wholesome nutrition Professional Whey are passionate about supplementing with clean sports nutrition to complement the benefits of nourishing organic wholefoods.

Professional Whey supplies brands such as PeptoPro®, Creapure® and Ajinomoto® as well as a select range of quality organic wholefoods, superfoods and organic flavourings.

Product Categories | Protein Powders, Sport Supplements, Superfoods, Organic Flavourings, Wholefoods


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Phone: +61 2 4353 0330


Professional Whey
New South Wales 2250

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