Pretzel Pete

Located in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Specialty Seasoned Pretzels | Made in the United States

Originally started in the 1990s, Pretzel Pete is a specialty seasoned pretzels producer in the United States. 

Each batch of Pretzel Pete’s pretzels is created with a unique flavour infusion process developed by its creator to ensure a consistently authentic product.

All Pretzel Pete products are made in the United States in a custom-built peanut-free, tree nut-free and sesame-free manufacturing facility using a slow-batch production process, with each batch gently soaked in a proprietary seasoning slurry.

Products range | Buffalo & Blue Cheese Pretzel Pieces, Cheese Pizza Mini Twists, Cheese Pizza Mini Twists, Honey Mustard & Onion Mini Twists, Peppermint Seasoned Mini Twists, Salted Caramel Mini Twists, Salted Caramel Mini Twists, Smoky Barbecue Mini Twists, Whole Wheat Lightly Salted Mini Twists, Cheddar & Ale Nuggets, Garlic Parmesan Nuggets, Honey Mustard & Onion Nuggets


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Phone: 1-877-857-1727


Pretzel Pete
2940 Turnpike Drive, Units 14-16
Pennsylvania 19040
United States of America

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