Paleo Pure

Located in Fairfield, Victoria, Australia

Organic Grain Free Muesli, Granola, Porridge, Superfood Powders & Nut Butters

Founded in 2014, Paleo Pure creates a range of handmade organic grain free muesli, granola, porridge, superfood powders and hand churned nut butters.

Paleo Pure believes in supporting local business and wherever possible only buying produce made in Australia. 

With a focus on quality over quantity Paleo Pure products are made from only certified organic ingredients from coconut, seeds, nuts, syrup, coconut oil and spices with a small amount of dried fruit added. 

Sourced ingredients are both nutrient dense and full of healthy fats combining to create wholesome, natural nourishing food while remaining gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free and vegan friendly. 

Product Range | Muesli, Granola, Nut butters, Oils, Porridge, Powders, and more


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Phone: +61 3 9939 7537


Paleo Pure
Victoria Australia

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