Organic Indulgence

Located in Coolaroo, Victoria, Australia

Dips, Pasta, Sauces, Pestos, Muesli Using A Homemade Approach

Organic Indulgence was established in April 2000 and has worked to develop a range of organic dips aiming to redefine the taste of commercially prepared food.

Operating a retail outlet at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market provided the ideal opportunity to explore and develop the range of dips. 

Organic Indulgence offers an extensive manufacturing-to-retail experience applying a homemade approach to a large scale output.

Key to this success is preparing all ingredients by hand and cooking food in batches using a quality oil such as sunflower, instead of processed oils often found in food brands. Sourcing the right ingredients along with retaining these standards results in a range of tasteful, naturally organic products filled with the pride of home-cooked goodness!

Product Categories | Dips, Pasta, Sauces, Pestos, Muesli


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Phone: +61 3 9309 9949


Organic Indulgence
Victoria 3048

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