MRE STAR (MRE - Meals Ready to Eat)

Located in Sarasota, Florida, United States of America

Florida-Based Food Company Producing Ready-To-Eat Meals

MRE Star (MRE) is a Florida-based food company producing a range of ready-to-eat meals specifically made for the US Government with products available to the public.

With a culinary team researching and testing ingredients, MRE brings a range of convenient meal options evocative of classic American home-style cooking as well as a range of multicultural food from around the globe.

MRE customises rations to meet a specific calorie count, price point, religious certification or menu composition.

MRE also caters for offers a complete customisation of its shelf-stable ration units with large volume orders from full-day catering (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to low-cost/high-calorie refugee-type meals options.

MRE specialises in export sales with products available to the public consumer.

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Contact Details

Phone: +1 866 680 6737


MRE STAR (MRE - Meals Ready to Eat)
6411 Parkland Dr Suite # 102
Florida 34243
United States of America

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