MOJO Beverages

Located in Willunga, South Australia, Australia

Probiotic Kombucha Beverages | Restore & Replenish Natural Gut Bacteria

MOJO is an Australian company producing probiotic beverages. All MOJO  beverages contain a vegan-friendly probiotic strain that reaches the intestines in a live and active form. 

Probiotics help to restore and replenish the ‘good’ natural bacteria in the digestive system while working to reduce the development of harmful organisms. When ingested or consumed in adequate amounts, this bacteria can provide valuable health benefits.

Available in three product ranges with varying flavours that include Mojo Classic Kombucha, Mojo Crafted Kombucha and Mojo Probiotic Sparkling Water Kombucha.

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MOJO Beverages
South Australia 5172

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