Marrone Fresh

Located in Penfield Gardens, South Australia, Australia

Agriculture Business of Parsnip, Turnip, Swede, Beetroot & Daikon Radish

Originating in the early 1990s, Marrone Fresh is a South Australian family-owned horticultural business.

From modest beginnings, the venture grew substantially and with a forward-looking approach now supplies major national chain stores and wholesalers in interstate markets. Forming a niche by creating some original lines, Marrone Fresh specialises in producing root vegetables with a variety of prepacked lines such as baby beetroot and parsnips as well as soup packs - all 100% grown in Australia. 

Core operations are conducted from a highly fertile region of the Adelaide Plains with main farming sites situated there along with post-harvest and packing sheds.

Produce | Parsnip – White Gold, Turnip, Swede, Beetroot, Daikon Radish, Soup Packs


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Contact Details

Phone: +61 8 8280 9081


Marrone Fresh
260 Carclew Road
Penfield Gardens
South Australia 5121

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