Malfroy's Gold

Located in New South Wales, Australia

Artisan Pure Wild Honey & Honeycomb Products

Malfroy's Gold specialises in pure wild honey and honeycomb products harvested from bee-friendly hives in Australia’s woodland forests and wilderness areas. Artisan wild honey has been produced here since 2006. All honey is produced in a completely natural way in permanent wilderness apiaries by wild bees in wild-like, natural comb hives. 

Malfroy’s Gold practices Natural Beekeeping, an ethical and alternative approach to apiculture that focuses on bee health not honey yield. Hives are populated with wild bee swarms from the remote Blue Mountains region of Sydney housed in customised, bee-friendly, Australian Warré hives designed to imitate nest architecture and the natural functioning of a wild bee colony in the hollow of a tree.  

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Malfroy's Gold
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