Made By Cow

Located in Homebush, New South Wales, Australia

100% Food Authority Approved Unpasteurised & Unhomogenised Milk

Australian dairy company Made By Cow produces unpasteurised, unhomogenised milk and is 100% food authority approved all sourced from a single Jersey herd.

Made By Cow milk is different from milk produced using heat pasteurisation - it’s creamier and full of natural nutrients that retain important enzymes. This means it’s better for digestion and overall health. Cold pressed raw milk is not homogenised or heat pasteurised nor is it separated or standardised. The cold pressed raw milk process produces a fresh, authentic raw milk product. 

A patented high pressure cold method destroys the same harmful bacteria that heat pasteurisation does except that it’s gentler on the natural milk nutrients. This type of method applies high isostatic pressure to every sealed bottle destroying harmful bacteria ensuring that milk is safe to drink.

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Made By Cow
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