Liberty Kombucha

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Healthy Kombucha For Busy Lifestyles

Liberty Kombucha has created a range of healthy kombucha for busy lifestyles.

Liberty Kombucha crafts a range of quality kombucha combined with the flavours of cold-pressed fruit.

Harnessing the power of naturally derived ingredients together with traditional, slow brewing methods, Liberty Kombucha makes an authentic brew offering functional health support.

Liberty Kombucha uses traditional brewing methods and a very slow fermenting period to ensure a consistent, quality kombucha brew. A prolonged fermentation process effectively reduces the sugar level right down and creates a thoroughly cultured brew.

Made from 100% kombucha (no diluting with water or soda and no use of kombucha concentrates or extracts). Flavours are made using all natural fruit extracts - nothing artificial with every bottle of Liberty having less than 1g of sugar. Liberty Kombucha takes a the approach of small batches that are slowly fermented to make the kombucha beverage. 

Flavours | Blood Orange, Kakadu Plum + Ginger, Pomegranate, Black Cherry, Lemon + Coconut, Original


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Liberty Kombucha
Victoria Australia

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