Lake Macquarie Free Range Eggs

Located in Dora Creek, New South Wales, Australia

Free Range Egg Farm

Lake Macquarie Free Range Eggs has 36,000 free ranging Hy-Line Brown chickens on farms yielding a stocking density of less than 8,000 hens per hectare. 

Despatching farm fresh eggs five days a week means that all eggs exiting the farm are no more than 48 hours old from time of laying. No cages are used in egg production and no chemicals are used in the washing or processing stages. 

Lake Macquarie hens spend a minimum of 10 hours daily outside in enriched yards sleeping and laying eggs at night inside purpose-built barns. Up to 30,000 eggs per hour can be graded within cold storage facilities.


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Contact Details

Phone: +61 2 4977 2407


Lake Macquarie Free Range Eggs
PO Box 5088
Dora Creek
New South Wales 2264

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