King International

Located in Archerfield, Queensland, Australia

Producers of Plant-Based Dairy Alternative Products

King International produces a range of plant-based, dairy alternative products. 

Combining modern processes and patented technologies with traditional production methods, King International makes wholesome food for vegetarians and vegans and those with food sensitivities or just seeking better health.

All Kingland and Pureland products are made from non-GMO Australian certified organic whole soybeans and are free of any gluten, lactose, eggs or hydrogenated oils.  

King International supplies major supermarket chains and health food stores in Australia. 

Products | Tofu, Yogurts, Hommus, Dairy Free Mayonnaise, Dairy Free Cream Cheese, Dairy Free Butter, Dairy Free, Custard, Dairy Free Cream, Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese, Dairy Free Mild Cheddar Cheese, Anglo Worcestershire Sauce, Zesto Worcestershire Sauce, Poppy Custard Powder


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Phone: +61 7 3277 7899


King International
606 Boundary Rd
Queensland 4108

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