Hood’s Earth Produce

Located in Keith, South Australia, Australia

Pastured Free, Grass-Fed, Free-Range, Paddock Farmed Eggs & Chicken Bone Broth

The Hood family were originally traditional cattle farmers until taking up chicken farming. Hoods Earth Produce is an open, transparent brand that supplies customers with grass fed, pastured free, free ranged and paddock farmed eggs and chicken bone broth from its location in South Australia. 

Not only are Earth eggs free ranged, they are also free range pastured eggs meaning they are produced by animals raised in paddocks with all the benefits of not being confined within their living space. Here, hens have the freedom to move around with the ability to use their natural instincts like digging, scratching and bathing in the dust. 

As well as a fresh diet of insects, the hens feed on plants while their manure feeds the plants in a natural sustainable cycle. The hens are also able to graze on pasture using a paddock rotation method which occurs on a daily basis. Making pasture available in this sustainable farming way requires a good level of management, low stocking rates and reliable movable housing.

By choosing pastured eggs (or any other pastured produce) customers can be assured the product has been produced with the least amount of human interaction as possible in a low stress natural environment. 

Earth Soup Chookens (chicken bone broth) is non-GMO, soy and antibiotic free.

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Hood’s Earth Produce
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