Fewster’s Farm Honey

Located in Malaga, Western Australia, Australia

Certified Organic Honey Producer Continuing Inherited Traditions

Started in 1898 by a fourth generation beekeeper, Fewster’s Farm is a family owned and operated key organic honey producer. Proudly continuing inherited traditions, not ultra-filtered, pure honey is produced from the pristine environment in Malaga, Western Australia originating from areas free of industrial or agricultural activity (within a 5 km radius). Here, honey can be enjoyed naturally and raw from hive to table without the need for heat treating or contaminating chemical preservatives or pesticides.   

Accredited under Organic Food Chain, Fewster’s Farm is a certified organic operation adhering to meticulous guidelines and focuses on ethical beekeeping. In order to retain its organic certification the extraction and processing centre is frequently inspected by the Organic Food Board while the honey itself is tested for microbial content. 

Fewster’s Farm is a major producer of Jarrah honey, known for its high antioxidant levels and healing properties.

Honey | Jarrah Honey – TA10+, Jarrah Honey – TA20+, Jarrah Honey – TA30+, Organic Honey


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Fewster’s Farm Honey
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