Organika Health Products

Located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Quality Natural Health Products for Health & Wellbeing

Organika is a family owned and operated Canadian company committed to providing natural health solutions and continuously educates and empowering consumers to seek the highest quality natural health solutions for health and wellbeing.

A global company distributing to 26 countries, Organika sources raw materials directly from the country of origin. 

Combining ancient practices from Ayurveda and homeopathy to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with cutting edge scientific research, Organika seeks to design and create effective and innovative products.

Product Categories

Beauty & Wellness | Beauty & Skin, Collagen, Essential Oils, Men, Sports, Women, 

Body Balance | Antioxidant, Detox, Energy, Stress Relief, Weight Management, Health Goals

Health Goals | Blood Sugar Control, Bones, Cardiovascular, Gut Health & Digestion, Immunity, Joint Pain And Inflammation, Ketogenic Diet Friendly, Sexual Health, Vision, Organika Foods

Organika Foods | Greens, Natural Sweeteners, Organic, Superfood, Water Purification, Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins & Minerals | Amino Acid, Minerals, Omegas, Supplements, Vitamin B, Vitamin C


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Phone: +1-604-277-3302


Organika Health Products
13480 Verdun Place
British Columbia V6V 1V2

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